Celebrity Slot Players

Slots draw an eclectic crowd to casinos, from everyday gamblers to celebrities alike. Their appeal lies in their potential of turning a small investment into life-changing cash wins – no matter their financial standing.

Celebrity Slots provides a free-to-play social casino experience featuring celebrity-themed slot games and sweepstakes contests, with real prizes like in-person or virtual meet and greets, Instagram story tags, personal messages, merchandise and more up for grabs for users to win real prizes like these!

Bruce Willis

Stars enjoy gambling both offline and online – you may be amazed to learn that so many famous faces enjoy slots, poker and blackjack as hobbies!

Bruce Willis from Die Hard is a frequent visitor to casinos and can often be seen playing baccarat – winning huge sums like $500,000 during one session!

Ben Affleck is an avid poker enthusiast, having competed in multiple tournaments. A fan of high-stakes games and having sought treatment for gambling addiction. A regular presence at casinos worldwide he recently was seen gambling on Mayweather-McGregor fight in Vegas betting over $20 Million!

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is best-known for his roles in movies such as Armageddon and Good Will Hunting, earning him fame and fortune. Additionally, his skill as a poker player earned him first place at California State Poker Championship 2004.

No surprise then that he also enjoys online casino games like blackjack and slots – he has even been seen gambling in casinos and winning large sums!

He also has a keen understanding of the game and can count cards, an effective gambling strategy which reduces risk when betting at tables – though many casinos disapprove and may even kick you out for engaging in this practice! As evidence of his talent and prowess, his gambling winnings often go to charity.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly has an uncanny talent for playing unforgettable roles. From playing the seductive waitress in “Let It Ride” (1989) to her Academy-Award nominated performance in Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway (2012), Tilly always manages to draw notice whenever she appears on screen.

Tilly first became interested in poker when she played a gambler in the movie “Let It Ride.” Since then she has developed her skills further and now boasts both a World Series of Poker bracelet and numerous major money finishes to her name.

Though she may be best-known for her role in the “Chucky” franchise, she still makes time to appear on poker shows and was honored with induction into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame. Her impressive poker career stands as a testament to her ability to balance acting with gambling careers.

George Clooney

George Clooney is an internationally acclaimed actor best known for his performances on ER and in films such as Three Kings and Ocean’s Eleven. But that isn’t his only passion – he also enjoys slot machine gambling!

Celebrity-themed slots are immensely popular with players and offer all of the same random number generators and bonus events found in standard online slot machines. Each celebrity-themed game comes branded with their image and work, offering unique events inspired by their career or public persona.

This app offers a sweepstakes-style casino where users can win real rewards and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with celebrities, social media influencers, and pop culture icons. Available for iOS and Android devices for free download; not licensed to offer real money gambling thus not requiring deposits or wagers to participate.

David Gest

Gest earned brief fame as a concert promoter and producer, when he and Liza Minnelli married in 2002 with Michael Jackson as best man and Elizabeth Taylor as maid of honor. However, their marriage soon fell into disarray and was officially ended upon divorce being finalized in 2003.

Gest next appeared in the British reality television show Celebrity Big Brother, where participants live together in an all-camera house and their every move is recorded for cameras. He took full advantage of his time there by being extremely mischievous – including leading housemates to believe he had died! In addition, Gest starred as Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise films.

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