Bingo Lingo – A Glossary of Terms Every Bingo Enthusiast Should Know

There’s a lot of bingo lingo that players need to know. These phrases are used to identify numbers on their cards and help them win a game. These sayings have different origins and rhyme with the number being called.

The ‘dancing queen’ reference comes from ABBA. The ‘teenage years’ call refers to the age of 17. Turning 21 almost rhymes with frisky!


The game of bingo can be very confusing, especially for new players. There is a lot of lingo, slang, and abbreviations that you may encounter in the bingo world. Knowing these terms will help you make the most of your time playing this fun and exciting game.

A bingo player’s nickname or pseudonym that they assume when playing online. It is usually a pun or play on words.

Often, the caller will use a special pattern to describe a certain part of a number. For example, the number 21 can be called a dancing queen, a reference to ABBA’s 1976 hit song. Another common call is the 76, which refers to Trombones from the musical The Music Man.

TG stands for “one-to-go.” This term describes how many boxes a player has to mark on their ticket before winning the game. This is an important distinction for players because it can make the difference between winning a jackpot and not.

Free space

The free space on a bingo card is an area that can be marked with a marker. This spot will count as any number called by the game caller, and is essential for winning a pattern. However, it is possible to win a bingo without using the free space. This is known as breaking the bubble.

A rhyming nickname used by bingo callers in the UK to refer to a specific number as it is called. These nicknames date back to pre-WWII, and many of them rhyme with the number being called.

A game monitor who checks the numbers that are called and declares a winner if there is a valid pattern. The game monitor is also responsible for ensuring that the game rules are followed and that the game is played fairly. This is a highly specialized position. It requires a lot of experience in coordinating with players and other gaming officials. It also involves a lot of reading and research.


The world of bingo has its own lingo, slang and terms that players should familiarize themselves with. This way, they can make the most of their gaming experience and have a blast at the same time. A comprehensive list of online bingo terms and their definitions will help you understand the game better and increase your chances of winning.

In a game of bingo, the word “bingo” means that a player has marked off all of the numbers in a winning row or pattern. The player must then call out “bingo” to let everyone know that they’ve won.

The term joker is often used to describe a person who tells practical jokes or plays tricks. It can also refer to an extra card in a deck of cards, which is usually imprinted with a jester and used as a wild card. In aviation, joker fuel is a type of emergency fuel that allows a jet aircraft to fly safely to an accessible airfield.


Patterns are the shapes that you need to cover on your bingo card with the numbers called out during a game. There are a number of different patterns, and some have a fascinating backstory. These include ‘two little ducks 22’, which is based on the shape of the number 22, and ‘legs eleven 11’, which refers to the fact that the number 11 looks like a pair of legs.

Some of the bingo calls rhyme, and they can make the game a lot more fun. These are not just a bit of wit, however; they also help to keep the game fast and enjoyable.

Some of the slang used in bingo has its origins in aviation. For example, “Bingo fuel” originally referred to the amount of fuel required to reach an aircraft carrier. The term was later adopted by air traffic controllers and used to mean the minimum amount of fuel needed to land on a runway.

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